Feldman Wealth Advisory, LLC embraces a philosophy of guiding our clients toward accomplishing the 6 most valuable outcomes a financial plan can offer:

  1. The family’s lifestyle will not be fatally compromised. If a breadwinner (much less the breadwinner) dies or becomes disabled, they will stay in their home, education plans will remain financially on track, and the family’s business, if applicable, will not have to be sold prematurely at a disadvantaged price.
  2. Children and/or grandchildren of the family will be able to afford the very best education for which they can qualify.
  3. The current generation will be able to retire on their own time, on their own terms and with a high degree of confidence that they will never outlive their income. Their dignity and independence will not be undermined by up to three decades of rising living costs.
  4. The current generation will, if necessary, be able to contribute meaningfully to the support of their parents. Moreover, they will never become a financial burden to their children, even if extended long-term care is required.
  5. Even as retirement income rises to offset increasing living costs, this generation’s capital will continue to grow over time, endowing meaningful legacies to succeeding generations and cherished causes.
  6. Income Taxation and Estate Taxation will not force the sale of a family’s important assets (homes, business, etc.).